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Brothers, we're working on building out the photo album section of our website. With Homecoming last month, we thought we'd start with collecting Homecoming photos! Go through your camera cards or shoeboxes and find pictures of Homecomings past and present!

There are two ways you can submit them: uploading them online or emailing them to Melissa (mwolf@affinityconnection.com) at Affinity Connection . If you decide to upload them to the website, just login, go to the photo albums section of the website, and there are links directing you to create your own album or upload photos to an existing album.

We all love looking at photos, especially watching each other gain a little bit more weight and lose a little bit more hair. Preserve those more slender days with hair on our head by saving all of those photos on our website! You can also make comments on the website about photos (similar to Facebook), so be sure to check out your brothers' photos and share your thoughts!