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Dear Brothers:

We are sending you another edition of our semester newsletter. The actives are excited to announce that the Delta Delta Chapter of The Legion of Honor is continuing its success from the spring. Not only are more and more young men taking the oath of a Knight, but also each member is taking that oath to heart and striving to improve our chapter every day. Our success is enabled through alumni support. Thank you for your continued support. Your example continues to inspire us and your devotion humbles us. Love, Honor, Truth.

The remainder of this newsletter focuses on reports from officers and chairman.


As you know, the brotherhood puts academics above all else. All of us know that our primary purpose at Penn State completing our degrees. Our record reflects that academic dedication. Last semester, our combined GPA was nearly a 3.18, placing us among the group of better-performing fraternities. A slight drop from last semester can be accredited to many brothers being juniors, and, thus, taking the most difficult course for their respective majors. The active chapter still stresses the importance of academics in our pursuit to develop ethical leaders.


The Delta Delta Chapter continues to be the envy of the Greek community with another record-breaking recruitment class of 29 candidates. The nobility and purpose of a Sigma Nu is becoming more evident to an ever-increasing number of members of the recruiting classes at Penn State. Through hard work and the capacity for individualized attention, the active brothers seek out and extend bids only to potential candidates who are believed to be worthy of the honor of becoming a Knight. With this, the current pledge class is down to 26 as three candidates were deemed unworthy or decided that they were not meant for Sigma Nu. With this class, the Delta Delta Chapter is becoming even larger. I dare say that without checking the figures for over 100 years of history at Penn State, it is the largest it has ever been with 80+ members and candidates.


Financials continue to be a strong suite of the chapter as we maintain a slight surplus. The chapter house continues to operate near capacity, allowing for an increase in all budgets and decreased housing rates. We continue to thank alumni Robert Nelson and Ed Sidwell for their continued work in facilitating the growth and improvements of the financial status of the chapter.


One of our recent events was a macaroni and cheese benefit dinner in which the proceeds went to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The event was a great success and raised almost $800 to further St. Jude's efforts against pediatric cancer. The active brothers have the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority to thank in part for the success of the event as their sisters helped in the running of the dinner.

Sigma Nu is proud to announce that we have received our very own THON family earlier this semester. The Delta Delta Chapter – under the Four Diamonds Fund – has adopted the Shover family. The battle of their son, Garret, who is only three years old, with acute lymphoblastic lymphoma (ALL) is inspiring to everyone not only to the brothers and candidates, but anyone who hears of his struggle. Upon meeting Garret, however, you would be pleasantly surprised as he is a happy and energetic young man. This is important for him to be able to keep up with his three older brothers. We are truly blessed to have been selected to receive such a remarkable family to be our THON family, an honor that the chapter has been striving to achieve for quite some time. Please include Garret in your thoughts and prayers as he is scheduled to continue active treatment in the near future.

Philanthropy will always be a priority of the house. We are committed to helping others and giving to those less fortunate. With our emphasis on charity, we remain cognizant of the ideals and beliefs upon which Sigma Nu was founded, including love and honor. We try to represent those in everything we do.


One of our most ambitious goals this year is to win "The Bischoff Trophy" which is awarded to the fraternity that accumulates the most points in intramural sports throughout the year. We compete in many different sports ranging from flag football to bocce ball to table tennis. We have had a successful year thus far in athletics. So far we have competed in golf, tennis, softball, cross country, and bocce ball. We won the championship in bocce ball and finished in the top 4 in softball. At the moment we rank 5th among 47 participating fraternities, no small feat as the competition grows more fierce every year. In the future we will compete in squash, swimming, basketball, wrestling, racquetball, track and field, table tennis, badminton, and soccer. We thrive to compete in each of these sports with the ultimate goal of being the number one fraternity on campus in regards to athletics.

Chapter Updates

This semester marked the return of a house chef to 340 N.Burrowes. With this, the kitchen has been restored to 100% functionality and the brothers are benefitting from both home cooked meals and the ability to spend lunch and dinner together. The brothers chose College Fresh to provide this service and initial feedback has been great as the meals are as various as they are delicious.

The long history of Sigma Nu at Penn State is something we all keep in our hearts, but although the bond of brotherhood never weakens, the same cannot be said for the bonds of brick and mortar. Unfortunately, the housemother's suite (HMS) is in a barely functioning state of disrepair. Estimates to even partially repair the HMS are outside the normal operating budget of the chapter. As of now, the active brothers are to only use the HMS and associated fire escape for entrance and exit to the second and third floors and for equipment storage. Anyone with anything to contribute to the efforts to save the HMS is encouraged to contact the property association. Please help keep the chapter house beautiful as Sigma Nu strives into the future.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. We are always willing to update the alumni on the goings on of the chapter. Our doors are always open; please feel free to stop by and say hi at any time.


Cary Koenig
ΔΔ 1516
Eminent Commander

Jonathan Trexler
ΔΔ 1502
Alumni Relations Chair