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It happens to all of us. We get so close to our own lives that we don't really see what others might find interesting. It's no different than a resume. You have started something new. Or turned around something that needed a certain level of expertise. Or you have served in a way to help out an organization or person who is near to your heart. Or you have overcome something with great courage. But no one really knows about it.

So whether you ran a marathon this last year, welcomed your first child (or grandchild), traveled the world or met up with a few brothers for a PSU football game, we want to know it. Now is your chance tell us your story! Or let us tell it for you. Email our alumni relations partners at content@affinityconnection.com. What is your news? Be sure to reference Sigma Nu at Penn State. Let's start making our own headlines!

And don't forget to update your contact information so we can be sure you are getting our emails and printed publications. Click here or email us at updatemyinfo@affinityconnection.com with your current mailing and email addresses.