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Liberty Craft House just opened Valentine’s Day weekend right next to Inferno and Saloon off of College Ave. It combines prohibition-era accoutrement with innovation to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Their draft innovation features a 47-tap draft system has been intricately designed to pour ale, lager, wine, soda, coffee and cocktails correctly (That’s right! Mixed cocktails and coffee from a faucet!). Each draft is displayed on HD screens above the bar with information on what is tapped, including a live image of what remains inside each keg.

Coming Soon! Barrel 21 (2235 N. Atherton St., State College) Otto’s Pub and Brewery is in the process of opening an upscale distillery and dining experience called Barrel 21 across the road from their present location on North Atherton, and you don’t have much longer to wait! Slated to have a locally-sourced menu (just like Otto’s does), the distillery will offer locally-sourced fruit brandies, whiskey, rum and gin.