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Why is Sigma Nu Still Important to You?

• Why did you join Sigma Nu?
• Tell us about your favorite memory of the fraternity:
• What kind of influence has the fraternity had on your life since graduation?
• With whom do you still stay in contact? Who would you most like to find?
• Tell us about your family: Have you married? Do you have children?
• What other activities or organizations were you involved with during your college days? How did they help you later in life?
• What is your nickname, if applicable, and how did you get it?
• Did you live in the house? If so, who were your roommates? Tell us about a memorable time with them.
• When was the last time you visited the house? What was the reason?
• If you haven’t visited, what’s keeping you away?
• What alumni or on-campus events would spark your interest or influence a decision to make a trip back to the house?
• What affiliations do you currently have and/or public service do you participate in?

Thanks for your time! Please email your responses to our Alumni Relations partners at travis@affinityconnection.com! Be sure to put Sigma Nu in the email subject line.